TKC Incorporated Presents

Simple AI Solutions for Small Business Success: Save Time, Energy, and Money

Join Us for this Transformative Training During

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2023!

Join Us for this Transformative Training During Global Entrepreneurship Week 2023!


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AI: Your Business Game-Changer

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Are You Ready to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Business with AI?

Look no further – This exclusive event during Global Entrepreneurship Week 2023

will change the way you conduct business forever.

Global Entrepreneurship Week is a worldwide celebration, and TKC Incorporated is proud to be a part of it. Our mission is simple: to empower solopreneurs and micro-business builders like you to achieve unprecedented success. This year, we're focusing on AI tools result in doing more with less time, effort and money.


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November 17

& November 18

11 AM - 3 PM ET

Here's What You Can Expect from Our Simple AI Solutions for Small Business Success Training

Discover Simple AI Hacks to Start and Grow Your Business

Lead Gen

Target more qualified customers leads.

Products & Services

Use AI to expand your offerings.



Automate as much as you can.

Meet Our Expert Speakers

At "Simple AI Solutions for Small Business Success: Save Time, Energy, and Money," we've curated a lineup of leading business owners, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you thrive in the age of AI. Our speakers are professionals who have successfully harnessed the power of AI to transform their own businesses, and they're eager to share their insights with you.

Angela Heath


TKC Incorporated


Tony Guarnaccia


AI Tools And Trends


Lorette Farris


iBOSS, Inc.


Joel Serrano

Certified Instructor,

Global Instructor Academy


Nechole Whitlock


eCom Sellers


Zachariah Stratford

Head Publishing Ninja,

AI Zachariah


Trevor Gibbs


Charity Revolution


Mike Browne

Visual Creator,

Be Prolific Training


Larry Manson

AI Educator

Self Employed


Here's What Your Will Discover:

  • Gain insights from industry experts who've harnessed AI for remarkable results.
  • Learn about the latest trends, tools, and strategies in the AI landscape for solopreneurs and small businesses.
  • Discover how AI can transform your e-commerce, marketing, and business operations.
  • Explore the power of AI in course creation, social media, and website compliance.
  • Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and build valuable networks.
  • Take away actionable knowledge and strategies that will supercharge your business.

All From the Comfort of Your Own Home!

Join Us on Zoom for this Practical, Business Building Training

Why This is the Training That

You Need Right Now!

Why This is the Only Summit You'll Ever Need To Attend

This training is built FOR small businesses BY small businesses.

Live Demos

Watch live demos of tools and strategies. No more wondering how it works and if it will work for you.

Not a pitch fest

Set aside a few hours each day to gain insight into how you can use AI today in your business.

Online Networking

Network with other small businesses and share resources and tools.

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November 17-18

@ 11 AM - 3 PM ET

November 17-18 @ 11 AM - 3 PM ET

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Is this training for me?

This training is for you if you are a solo or small business builder who has limited time and money to learn about and implement needed AI in your business.

Can I join just for one session?

Sure - join for as much or as little as you can. However, the replays will only be sent to attendees.

Why is TKC Incorporated offering this?

For the last decade, TKC Incorporated has been serving the professional self-employment community, whether you call them solopreneurs, consultants, freelancers or something else. Basically, we know that non-employer companies are often overlooked yet they are important contributors to the US economy. We provide training and resources to help this segment of businesses.

Who do I contact for more information?

Contact for more information.